Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Waste not, want not!

So I may have just pulled a Nonni. We always joke about how my husband's grandmother will microwave coffee, even if its a day or two old, because why waste it.

Well, I totally see where she's coming from and I may have just done the same thing! It's so hard to know how much to make, who is going to drink it, etc. And seeing as how I drink it with stuff in it anyways, you can't even tell. We probably normally dump out a few cups a week, so I thought I'd see how the day-old stuff tastes. Yep, still has my caffeine fix!

What will you decide not to waste this week?! With Earth Day just passing by yesterday, take an extra thought next time you are going to throw something away that you might be able to use up first.

Happy Saving!
- C

1 comment:

  1. I used old coffee in the crock pot - cooked up a great beef roast! Yumba!