Sunday, 4 October 2015

BzzAgent Trial


As you know this blog is all about what I'm all about, saving money and finding great new ways to do it.  

Well my latest discovery is called BzzAgent.  Basically, they'll send you products to try out (based on your profile) and then you 'Bzz' about them.  Talking about them on social media, as well as in person to your friends and family, helps generate a buzz about the products and works as word of mouth marketing.  Pretty neat idea, especially because they really encourage you to share your honest and unfiltered opinion about the products.  No fluffing up or covering up if you don't like something, they want your honest.

So now that I've completed all the survey questions to develop my portfolio, I'll anxiously wait until my first items to review come in the mail! 

Happy Savings!

- C

Thursday, 16 July 2015



This is not going to last long!  Get on over to A & W this week, as you can redeem a coupon for a Free Sriracha Teen Burger!  We got uber lucky and the one we went to they said there was no limit, but try and see what you can get with yours!

On your phone:

Register for an account, click Claim Coupon, then when you're at the store, click Redeem and cash it in for a free burger!  They were super good and a nice treat on this rainy day!

Good luck!  Only 100,000 available so quick like bunnies!

Happy Savings!
- C

I'm Back!!!

How has it almost been 2 years since my last post?!  I guess you can say things got a little out of hand and priorities went haywire!  Well, I'm back at it and happy to have you (if anyone is still around following!)

I've talked about so many different ways to save money.  All of which I still use a lot of on a regular basis.  But I feel there are still so many ways I could be better, could be smarter, and could save more.  So, hop back on and let's start this crazy ride again!!!

Stay Tuned!  And Welcome Back!

Happy Savings!
- C

Monday, 16 September 2013

Take a Stay-cation

Welcome back!

Well it's been a crazy summer and now I guess it's "back to the grind". Which means, kicking back up the blog writing.

Although we did take a road trip vacation this summer, I got to thinking about how much there is to do within our own community. Especially in the summer, there are always events happening and things going down to keep all sorts of people entertained. It might actually surprise you what kinds of things may happen in your city. Instead of planning a big, expensive trip, why not check out what you can see locally?  Hikes, festivals, celebrations, exhibitions, anything!  Just go check it out.  Hop on Google and see what might be coming up. A lot of times, your city's web page might even highlight what is happening and all the details surrounding the events. Not only might you learn something about your own community, but you'll save a few bucks and probably have an awesome time, too!

Happy Savings!
- C

Friday, 7 June 2013

Drop the Hints

The key is to drop subtle hints without being that person that is blatantly flaunting or prying for deals.  For example, if you're going out to celebrate for whatever reason, let them know maybe what the occasion is when you call to book. A simple little "we're so excited to celebrate _______ this weekend at your resort/restaurant/facility. A lot of times organizations will treat you to a little bonus because it looks good on them, and then they're obviously going to get a good review out of you. So really, them helping you a little will help them a little in the long run. 

Try it out!  Have you ever gotten any great upgrades/bonuses by mentioning a special occasion?

Happy Saving!
- C