Sunday, 4 October 2015

BzzAgent Trial


As you know this blog is all about what I'm all about, saving money and finding great new ways to do it.  

Well my latest discovery is called BzzAgent.  Basically, they'll send you products to try out (based on your profile) and then you 'Bzz' about them.  Talking about them on social media, as well as in person to your friends and family, helps generate a buzz about the products and works as word of mouth marketing.  Pretty neat idea, especially because they really encourage you to share your honest and unfiltered opinion about the products.  No fluffing up or covering up if you don't like something, they want your honest.

So now that I've completed all the survey questions to develop my portfolio, I'll anxiously wait until my first items to review come in the mail! 

Happy Savings!

- C

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