Thursday, 28 February 2013


Now, as excited as I am about this one, they don't offer any Groupons for Lethbridge! Aw man!

Groupon is a discount-coupon website, where you can search the city you're looking to purchase something in, and they offer coupons for discounted services for different companies. The usual format is you pay $x.xx for $xx.xx worth of services. So for example, you buy the coupon for $15.00 for a restaurant, and then when you go, it has a $30.00 value. It's easy to save money on things you were looking to do anyways, but careful! It is also really easy to start buying things because they're a good deal, but then you may never end up using them before they expire. I saw a Facebook friend's status the other day that he'd purchased an oil change for like $20. A year later it was about to expire and he had to drive to an outlying community on the south end of a big city to redeem it at the small shop. A perfect example of how a good deal might not really set you ahead in the end, if its going to cost you in other ways to redeem where you saved.

Nonetheless, I sent a few to my mom to redeem, as they're exactly what she needs right now. She's selling her last car, and there was a Groupon for each auto detailing and windshield replacement! As well, a restaurant she has recently discovered that she really enjoys has one of the $15 for $30 worth of food Groupons. Score!

Fingers crossed the same sort of thing expands to smaller city centers, or the old site that used to have deals called get back up and running! I miss the deals :(

How have you found Groupon in your city, or does it not extend to your region as well? What about deals?! Share your great Groupon redemptions in a comment!

Happy Saving!
- C

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