Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ladies Night... IN!

So I spent tonight with my two closest and long time girlfriends, celebrating one of them's birthday. We had a ladies night, but instead of a night on the town, which add up in cost very quickly, we made dinner for her, we had fancy girly drinks, ate cake, played games, and had more painful laughs than could be counted. And it was the perfect night! Cheap, good company, and good times all around. However!! They did point out to me that they like to correct my spelling mistakes on the blog when they're checking it out! In my defense, I am a very good spelled, but on my iPhone or iPad, sometimes autocorrect likes to make me say the wrong word. Like a few posts ago, I was talking about the Monty's, when really I was trying to say monthly! Fail! But it all came with good comedy, so it was a funny thing to point out!

In the end, we saved way more money and had a way better visit than if we would have gone out. And besides, they wouldn't be able to laugh at me for dancing into the cabinets if we were out at a restaurant!! Try and switch up your date nights. Bust out the board games, dust off the Wii, and save yourself some cash by entertaining in your home.

Happy Saving!
- C

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