Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Get Inked!

No, I'm not encouraging tattoos! I'm talking printer ink, people! These days there are so many options of places to get your printer cartridges refilled, you can save huge money here. Printer ink can be quite costly, and when you work out of your home, it adds up. To keep on top of things, last year I purchased a second set of cartridges to supplement the ones that came with the printer. I purchased them from the same guy I take to get them refilled. By having a backup set, I'm never 'hooped' when one runs out. I try to make sure the second set is always refilled so that I'm good to go. But how does this save you money?! Well actually, cartridges are not just a one time use item! You can get them refilled several times at a cheap rate before they "go bad" and will no longer take on the new ink and function properly. However, I would say I get at least 5-10 refills per cartridge, and a refill on those guys costs me about $11. To replace the cartridge and just toss it after one use, they're around $40 each in stores! Also, by reusing the cartridges a handful of times, you're reducing waste and saving our planet (every little bit counts). Even better still, make nice with the refill guys and they have lots of cartridges they'll sell to you for next to nothing once yours bites the dust. Double score!

So take a second to think about how much you should be saving by refilling your cartridges. That number might surprise you :). Check out some local refill stations, and keep that hard earned money in your wallet.

Happy Saving!
- C

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  1. Wow your ink is really expensive.. Mine is $16 for new cartridges you can even get an economy ink which is just less ink for about $9. I have a epson, when I bought the printer I actually priced ink then went for the printer that goes with the cheapest ink.. I am really happy with it.. Was only $99 and have had it for about 3 years now.. You can recycle the ink cartridge and get a further 10% off at the store I get my ink from..
    So its worth looking at when you need a new printer..
    Welcome to my blog as a follower too. I follow Gail as well, she is the coolest I actually won a book from her for telling a joke that made her lol on her birthday and she signed it to us, really cool of her. I re read it all the time.. So much to learn...
    Sandy from Australia :)