Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DIY - Haircuts!

As I have recently mentioned, I love my hairdresser! She is unreal and was the greatest suggestion of a hairdresser ever :). Matt also goes to her, as does my sister-in-law, our best friends (him and her - she was the initial referral), and a few more of friends that we've suggested along the way. However, despite our love for our kick ass hair dresser, Matt has decided that we can just cut his hair ourselves! Now this is a feat I will never attempt (obviously different hair situations!) but it is a smart move to save a few bucks. As his hair grows extremely fast, he usually gets a haircut every 6 weeks. So it adds up quickly!

Tonight was our first night we cut his hair. Success! We used the clippers and a #5 on the top and a #3 and a #2 on the sides and back. Now, it's not as fabulous as our hairdresser does, but it was free! We'll take it!

Would you be willing to sacrifice your hairdresser, if you don't have long, luscious locks?! Let us know :)

Happy Savings!
- C

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