Saturday, 3 November 2012

Free Pumpkins!!

Okay major score! So this morning on the Facebook Swap and Buy group that I am a part of, people were discussing free pumpkins! Yes, the F word; free!

How have I missed this?! All the grocery stores have giant orders of pumpkins for the Halloween season. Well what do they do with them after Halloween is over? GIVE THEM AWAY!! Yes, this is awesome. For those of you who love pumpkin flavored things, hello! Jackpot! So I went out and grabbed two free giant pumpkins, and this afternoon will be making my own pure pumpkin purée! Yep, usable in pumpkin butter (aka heroin!), lattes, baking, soups, you name it!

So if you have an hour or so to roast off and 'clean' a pumpkin, you too can get your own fresh pumpkin, instead of the canned stuff. I plan on freezing mine in 1/2 portions, and with 2 giant pumpkins, I think that will be a lot.

Happy Saving!
- C

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