Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November Grocery Follow up

I tried to buy everything all at once for a month's worth of meals for November. With the exception of some fresh fruit and veggies, and milk, I thought we'd done so good with one BIG trip. Also, I've got a girlfriend who can feed her family of 4 on $250 a month, including her diapers and wipes and needs of that sort. I've decided she is my hero!!! That is awesome! We thought we'd done so well, and we purchased our meat in a large quantity and froze it. Well, because we'd bought the big packs of meat, which are a way better deal than the small packs, our grocery funds were pretty slim after the big trip. Mind you, we had way more meat in the freezer than we were going to need for this Monty's planned meals. That being said, when we buy meats to replenish the freezer, we definitely need to budget a little more that month for groceries. As with any goal setting, you always have to re-evaluate to determine if your goals are in reach or not. So that is my diagnosis! Why? Because we ended up pulling out of other budgets to help buy more fresh food nearing the end of the month. On a good note, though, I think next month we won't spend as much, as we have so much meat still in the freezer! Also, meal planning for the whole month was awesome! We didn't even get though the 13 planned meals, as we had lots of leftovers and some impromptu meals. The one suggestion would be to figure out which ones you'll make in the first two weeks, and buy any produce for them then. And a second round of produce shopping at the start of week three for the next round of meals. Well, that would make more sense anyways! As long as you stick to your list!

Happy Saving!
- C


  1. Been popping around your blog.. love Jesse the terrier, will still have to have a look at the kindle sites.. Have joined as a follower so I can pop back and say hi...
    Sandy :)

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for the comment, great to have you on board as a follower! I openly welcome any thoughts or suggestions you have on any of the posts. I love seeing the different ways people are saving :)

      - C