Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do Your Homework

When heading out to make a big purchase, are you the type to go buy right away or do you do some research? It is no surprise that impulse buys will cost you more than well-thought out investments, but you will also more likely than not end up spending more money than you need to if you're not doing your consumer homework! Go online, shop around, and one I've learned lately, ask about promotions!!! You never know what kind of deals may be currently available or coming up in the next few days/weeks. If you don't need the item that day, perhaps you can save a couple bones by waiting it out until a big sale.

The second benefit to wait it out or do some more research is that you may decide that you really, in fact, do not need that item! Novelty a huge influencing factor to impulse buys, and if you wait it out you could be saving yourself that awful buyers remorse.

So! How many of you research your big purchases, and how many head out and think "today I'll buy a flat screen tv!"? Perhaps this may now make you stop and at least think it over before you throw away your hard-earned dollars.

Happy Saving!
- C

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  1. HAHAHA I have to laugh because we just bought our fist big screen tv. We did do our research online and then went to a couple of stores on Saturday. We intended to continue our research on Sunday but ended up buying. So although it was kind of spontaneous it was a controlled spontaneous purchase ;)