Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cleaning House

When we moved into our new house, we said to each other that we wanted to do the best job we could to keep the house in the cleanest condition possible. By staying on top of cleaning, we would never have to spend several hours the night before company was coming over, or do not have to panic if people show up unannounced.  I've also started using a 15-minute a day cleaning schedule, that was based off of the one here.

Our main floor of our house has proven already to really be the gathering area. We've got an open concept layout, where the front door opens into the kitchen/living room/dining room. The flooring is all a dark hard wood, and I started asking around as soon as we moved in, the best way to clean it. A great suggestion was provided by good friends of ours who live down the street and bought their house a few months before we did. They suggested the Rubbermaid Reveal. This product is a household sweeper/mop tool. It has interchangeable covers for different purposes or floor surfaces, as well as it sprays cleaning solution when "mopping". But how does this tie into our saving endeavors?! Well, not only is this tool handy, efficient, and versatile, it's also a great money saving investment. At $29.99, I purchased the Reveal, that comes with the solution bottle, one floor cleaning pad, and the mop itself. For another $6 or so, I purchased another pad, so I had one for sweeping/dusting, and one for wet cleaning/mopping. This is a money saving tool in that the cleaning pads can be washed and reused!! The packaging says good for 100 washes in the washing machine...hello people! Great deal! Avoid using the one-time-use other brands, or the dirty old germ collecting mops. This is great! In addition to the reusable pads, the cleaning solution bottle that is used can be filled with whatever solution you prefer. You can use a store-bought floor cleaner, a water and vinegar solution, or any other homemade cleaning solution you choose! Great money saver, as you don't have to pay big bucks for the specific size and solution in other certain floor cleaners. So you save money in two big ways with this product. Also, at >$30, it's a easy investment to make to assure you're house is being looked after without blowing your budget!
The Rubbermaid Reveal.  Click
HERE for product information.

What ways do cleaning supplies help you save money? Are there any tips or tricks, or products even, that you have found that are totally worth sharing? Please feel free to share your money saving cleaning secrets below!

Happy Saving!
- C


  1. Cute idea for a blog Courtney. Love it! For cleaning I use a lot of vinegar and I started making my own laundry soap. Originally I was just making it for my cloth diapers, but I liked it so much I started using it for all my laundry. It was $20 for all the stuff, and has lasted me over 7 months so far. I still have a ton left and even left over ingredients for next time I have to make it.

    1. Kristine,

      Thank you so much for Your comment, I have contemplated making my own laundry soap after seeing it on Pinterest as well! I am very encouraged to do it seeing how cheap it was for you to make, and it would probably be good for me, as I have to have the sensitive skin, dye and scent free types! I bet the less processed and additives homemade version would be a good thing for my skin :)

      I definitely may have to look for a high efficiency 'recipe' to make some to try out. Thanks so much for sharing!
      - C