Thursday, 25 October 2012

So I've seen a commercial a few times now for It is a website that hosts online shopping stores, and when logged in to it, any purchases you make to their sponsored stores, you receive a certain percent of cash back. It is similar to, in that you first log in to their site, then click over to the site you're going to do your online shopping on.

Now, this is only going to save you money if you do any of your shopping online. However, if you do a lot of online shopping, this could earn you some big bucks (over time). If you're not already planning on spending the money, then you're just using up more money to save money - bad idea!

I'm wondering if anyone has seen more about this, heard about if, or even used the Canadian-based website? Interested to hear your thoughts on possibly earning cash back on your purchases, as the Christmas shopping season begins.

Happy Saving!
- C

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