Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Savings vs Earnings

So far, my efforts to start saving and being a little more frugal have proven successful. We have become much more aware of our spendings, and where our money is/going at all times. However, with the new house and the lovely property tax assessment we've just received, I think it goes past sayings, and now becomes an issue of earning.

Don't get me wrong, there are still things we could be giving up and sacrificing things like cable, our iPhones, and having a second car, I'd rather work harder to be able to keep those things that aren't necessities, but are big parts of our lives (the car and phones more than the tv!). So, I've spent a large part of last night and this morning looking for a job. Something that is flexible, so that I can continue consulting, but something with a little more security than just consulting alone. In a field where you have to build your reputation, it is important that I can still keep consulting in some capacity. I cannot always guarantee that I will have a busy month consulting, but I can guarantee that every month we have fixed payments that will be there no matter what. Saving tricks will always help to make the earnings go even further, but more earnings wouldn't hurt either!

Therefore, on this snowed-in day in October, I'm going to be applying for a few different jobs today in order to fill up our savings a little more. Why not use the extra time that I do have to build up our funds as much as possible, instead of wishing it could be more and being upset that it is not. I'm taking this into my own hands and putting these little stumpy hands to work! I will keep you all posted on my earning endeavours, and hopefully how it can contribute to our saving endeavours! But first, I must go shovel the driveway!

Happy Saving!
- C

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