Saturday, 27 October 2012

Comment Suggestions

Happy Saturday everyone!

So lots and lots of comments have been coming in to me through posts and emails, and I wanted to share a selection, perhaps with my own comments as well!

Ways to save:
"Programmable Thermostat" - yes! This is something we had invested in at the condo, and something that came installed with the new house. So handy to be able to keep it cool when you're typically not home and reduce the cost of heating the house when it's not necessary.

"Buy certain things, like meat, in bulk". - Costco is the cheapest for meat! We don't usually buy meat elsewhere, as we know we can get it way cheaper. We also like to get large quantities and freeze it so we always have some of a few different meats on hand.

"Canning" - I so want to learn to can more things! As anyone who was at our wedding knows, I'm okay at jam ;). With a little help from my superior jamming experts, of course. But perhaps next year I will take on the challenge of canning goods!

"Coupons" - now this is something I've mentioned, and something that's gotten mixed reviews. In my opinion, coupons can be fabulous, if you can coupons for what you would already be buying. Yes, a lot of times they're for packaged and processed goods, but sometimes you can get them for cheese, produce, and toiletries, so keep your eyes peeled. In addition, check out - you can pick which coupons you would use and they'll send them to your house, for free!!!

"Freezing leftovers" - yes!! How have it not mentioned this yet! One comment came in about making a huge bath o something, in this case it was soup, and freezing them in ice cube trays to be warmed up (2-3 per person) for a later day. Great suggestion to put the frozen soups in for a lunch, and by lunch they're most thawed and just need a quick heat in the microwave! Genius! We've frozen half of things like casseroles or a lasagna, because its hard for the two of us to eat that much in one week- we usually get sick of having it so many days in a row, then it gets left and goes bad. So freeze it, well sealed and well marked, and just leave it in the sink one morning before you go off to work an it'll be thawed by supper!

Well, hope you all have a super weekend! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the above comments, or any others you may have.

Happy Saving!
- C

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