Thursday, 25 October 2012

Service Industry Tipping

Both having worked in the food and beverage service industry to some capacity, Matt & I understand what it means to tip those serving you when you receive exceptional service.  We usually tip well, especially when we can see the quality of the service we are receiving.  We've been on the other side, and we know that the generosity that customers show is so rewarding for the very hard work you're putting in. 

I know that many people will discuss the tipping of 'non-food service' tipping.  In this situation, I'm referring to the other services you receive; spa treatments including hair, massage, nails, waxing, gas station attendants (back when there were more full serve gas stations), and other service industry positions.  Some feel that is their job, and tips are not required.  However, more often than not, their employers know they'll be tipped, so they won't pay as much to their staff to 'balance' their income.  Well!  I definitely feel that those serving should be tipped, and tipped according to their level of excellence!  Which is exactly why I came to a bit of a pickle this month with my Personal Maintenance budget.

My hairdresser is phenomenal!  For anyone else who knows or goes to her, they completely understand.  The 2.5 hours in her chair never feels like long enough when you're in such good conversation. :)  When we were budgeting for this month and I knew I had an appointment, I guesstimated about how much I normally spend there.  I rounded the wrong way, and needless to say, yesterday - one day before my appointment, I realised I was not going to be able to tip her the same way I normally do.  I felt awful!  Do I dip into another jar and take an I.O.Y?  Do I just leave what I have and pretend like I don't notice?  No, I know the right thing to do!  Cookies make every thing better!

I felt really guilty that I was taking cookies in place of half of my normal tip.  I thought, "wow, this makes me look really cheap!"  But, we set rules, we set aside money, and I didn't have enough.  So, this was the next option to really show her how much I appreciate what she does.  When I arrived at the salon, I felt nervous.  Nervous that I had to explain I couldn't give her more of a tip, and she hadn't even started on my hair yet!  I was embarrassed.  But, her warm grin and welcome made me forget my nerves and remember she's not scary and won't bite!  I handed her the cookies and explained my situation.  Her reaction; a huge hug and saying 'this is the best treat you could bring me!'.  PHEWF!  Huge relief!  Being her darling self, she says she never expects tips, and they're always extra bonuses and she's thankful when she gets them - but never expects anyone to tip her.  She thought it was very thoughtful of me to do this, and that made me feel so much better!  I also felt better that I didn't dip into another jar and take money from another area of our budget.  We'll never save any money if we just keep making excuses and 'borrowing' from other areas.  It's about setting the boundary and staying within it.

Now, would I suggest doing this for a new stylist you've never been to?  Maybe not!  For those who don't know you, perhaps it may come off as insulting, or maybe the stylist is a germaphobe and wouldn't want to accept a homemade treat.  In this case, I've been going to her for a few years now, and I knew that this would probably be something that would make her smile.  At first I thought I was coming off really cheap.  After how excited she was to get some home baked goodies, I realised that it was a smart move, and I feel happy that I was still able to show my appreciation.  Success!  Any stylists or service industry people out there reading - if your well-known client, whom you knew was saving and on a tight budget brought you a home baked treat, how would you react?  I think back to when I was serving - if it was a regular, I'd have been very touched to know they took the time to share with me how they appreciated me, in a different way than with money.  If it was a non-regular whom I didn't know, I might be creeped out!  Wondering what you would do, and whether or not you've ever received something like this?!

Happy Savings!

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  1. OMG! Love the cookies! I love my hairdresser, it sounds just like you like yours. I am SO going to do this. Not because I'm into the jars (although should be) but because I love the idea. My hairdresser, Danielle does wonderful little things for everyone else, I want to do something for her. Thanks C!