Thursday, 17 January 2013

Four Magic Words

Like any 26 year old newlywed, I was bummed to get a financial planning book for Christmas. WRONG! I got a little giddy about it, in fact! With trying to do all we can to save and be as smart as we can about our hard earned dollars, I was very excited to have another tool to help us out.

Within the first few chapters, I'm reading one concept over and over that I have been hearing a lot from others providing us with their advice and suggestions. A few months back, actually when I started the blog, I received an email from a great-uncle. It was the words in the email that really seemed to hit me. The message, summed up, said to never be afraid or embarrassed to say that you can't afford it. Be proud that you're saving, and it will get you further in the long run. Now, reading this book, he talks about the four magic words, "I can't afford it". The author describes how the phrase can become liberating, and I truly feel that it has done that for us. We don't feel like we have to do everything, and it makes us really think about what it is we need to spend our money on. One day, we will be able to afford more than we can now, but not without those sacrifices!

Living within your means is something that we have been taught by many of those around us. Never try to keep up with the Joneses. It will just get you in trouble. Take what you have and really appreciate how you've earned it. Step back and look at your world. Compared to a very very high percentage of the world, we do live in luxury. Don't forget to be grateful for what you have. By living within your means, learn to gain a new respect for your life, and watch your savings and your happiness grow.

Happy Saving!
- C

P.S. I'm reading The Wealthy Barber Returns by David Chilton. He is hilarious and it is a great read so far; I am really enjoying it. Thanks Louie!

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