Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Leftover Makeover

Today's is a quick post, as I am busy running errands and session planning!

How many of you sit and stare at leftovers in the fridge, wondering why you'd want to eat the same thing for the fourth day in a row? Well you probably don't want that much repetition, and I can totally relate! When I first moved out to go to school, I would make things that were a big bang for my buck. However, that usually meant eating it for a week straight! Casseroles, lasagna, soups and stews. However, why not give your leftovers a makeover? Give them a new life and make them into something else. For example, the first attempt at this in my first or second year of university was chili. I added some cheese and lasagna noodles and turned it into a Mexican style lasagna! Or what about that giant container of cooked rice or quinoa? Stir fried rice and veggies for all! Really, let your imagination do the work. Open your fridge and pantry and try to repurpose that drab looking container of leftovers.

Any suggestions on what you've repurposed out of your fridge?!

Happy Saving!
- C

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