Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello Netflix, Goodbye Cable...for now!

Well, we cut the cord! We cancelled our cable and re-signed up for Netflix. We decided we could sacrifice cable for a few months to put a little more cash back into our pockets. It turns out we'll be saving $100 a month by canceling it! And with our busy schedules, now we can devote more to being productive with our work and getting other more important things done, with each other and around the house. It seems like a big sacrifice, and it is, but for now, we would rather be putting money towards paying down the credit card and our other payments, as well as into savings, then be couch potatoes. So, we're going to try it out.

In other news, anyone have any Netflix Canada suggestions?! I'd really like to watch Modern Family, but it doesn't seem to be on here yet :(.

Happy Saving!
- C


  1. You can watch Modern Family online for free, there are a bunch of sites. You can also bypass the Canadian Netflix and go to the US, but there are some tricks. My friend set us up, so I can't tell you exactly how, but it can relatively easily done. It came at a cost of 50$ per year, but the shows are much better, and still only 8$ a month.

    We have been cable free for a few years now, and have no regrets. We either watch online, or use Netflix. You will not regret the savings :)

  2. Hey A! I am totally going to try and find Modern Family online! We've got a Samsung Smart TV, so I can use it to search the web to find a site that does stream MF episodes. I have started re-watching the Arrested Development series (one of my faves!), as well as started watching Breaking Bad, which is very good but very dark!

    We also have a few friends who have the American Netflix. I've been told how to do it if you're streaming from the Wii, but am unsure how to do it on the Smart TV. Oh well, we're happy with these offerings and then we're not only watching TV when we have free time.

    Thanks for the post! :)

  3. We were cable free up until last year and likely won't go cable free because HNIC is not on any Netflix ;)

    But love netflix, most tv shows are found online just go to the network's page (so yes you can still watch Modern Family).

    We are presently watching Dexter on Netflix and loved the BBC series Sherlock.

  4. Hey D! Yes, Matt was not too happy we cancelled cable the day it was announced that the lockout was ending! Oops! Yes, I want to get back into Dexter, as I don't think I even finished the first season! So I've got some catching up to do. However, it is liberating that I find I'm not 'attached' to the TV anymore.... Pinterest is the renewed addiction :)