Monday, 14 January 2013

Phone a Friend

Financial decisions regarding maintenance of "the big things" in your life can make or break your bank. Things like who to help/hire for work around the house, what plumber to call when $h*t may literally hit the fan, or what mechanic you should take your precious ride to are all ones that a few phone calls may save you a few bucks. Use your phone a friend lifeline! Ask your friends either who they would recommend or who they would advise you steer clear away from. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and referral for companies those who do an outstanding job. A few years ago my sister in law had asked her boss who they take their vehicles to for maintenance work. They named one guy and said they'd never trust anyone else! Needless to say, we've been using this mechanic ever since. Just this morning I had to take my car in for some mechanical issues. In 10 minutes, he hooks it up, scopes out the issue(s), fills you in, and doesn't charge you for checking it all out! He lets you know the whole situation and doesn't try to sell you on unnecessary treatment for things. He's straight up, which is awesome. He doesn't charge, which isn't making money immediately, but anyone who has ever asked, I have highly recommended and even given his phone number to because he is so good! So the referrals send more clients to him, paying it forward for his good deeds.

So pick up the phone, call a friend or two in your area, and don't be scared to ask! People usually want to pass on the info about services, whether they were good or bad. Either way, it'll help save you a few more pennies!

Happy Saving!
- C

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