Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Play Trade-sies

In trying to find alternative, read cheaper, ways to decorate that the fancy decorating stores will offer, I was given an offer by a good friend that was too good to be true.  She had a bunch of old decor from her house that she was no longer using and just wanted someone to take it off her hands.  Score!  She gave me a bunch of little pieces that I am totally going to use to help in the decorating of the house, and best yet, she didn't want any money for them!  In exchange, I watched her kids for about half an hour so that she could run some errands, but otherwise they were friendly donations.  My favorite kind!

There are swap and buy pages and a websites such as Kijiji that people will try to get rid of their old treasures to those looking for 'new-to-them' items.  However, what a neat idea to switch up with your friends.  Why not switch a piece with someone else to add a new twist to your decor.  Maybe even just for one season and then swap it back at a later date.  There will be an extra sense of ownership and care that will be attached to that item, as you want to return it in the same condition you received it in.  I haven't done this before, but maybe it might be a cool idea to try?! Thoughts?

Happy Saving!
- C

p.s. I will post pictures when I have assembled the new decor in the house

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