Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Price is As Marked!

So the hubby and I went out to find some decor for our house. We had a leftover gift card for Pier 1, as well as $40 for monthly house expenditures. Well we found an adorable tall vase and played around with it for about 15 minutes finding exactly what we wanted. We fell in love with the piece and headed to the register. The sale tag on the large vase (like 4' tall!) said $37.99. Yet, it rang through the till at $54.99, saying it was on sale from $70.00. We pointed out to them that the other vase the same as this was also marked at the $37.99. They said "well, it rings through at $54.99". I was ready to just say forget about it when my hubby said "well if that's what both tags say, then that's what we should pay for it". They said, "you're right, we'll over ride the system". Yippie!! So, I guess the moral of this escapade it to stand your ground. If the sticker isn't for something else, it's double tagged, or you just claim you got an un-tagged item under a sale sign, then they should honour it. At least question them, heck it save us almost $20! So I decided to share our gorgeous find below in the photo :)

Happy Saving!
- C


  1. I agree! Always question....they are in customer service and should be making an effort to make sure you leave happy.