Monday, 14 January 2013

Work the System!

So I love love love Lush cosmetics. They make all natural, handmade soaps, bath treats, as well as skin and haircare products. But like all great things, they come at a cost. And it is sometimes tough to justify the price that comes with this specific brand's lovely goodies. This company is an international one, and I'd heard that you can order from "other countries". You know when you're on a website, you select which country you are from?! Well, all of their country's sites will ship internationally. So, abandoning the visits to their stores, I decided to order from one of the international sites and pay for the shipping. Why? Because even with the shipping and conversion to CAD $, it was cheaper!!! Even better, I had asked a few other friends who love the Lush just like me if they needed any of theirs favorites. So then we split the shipping three ways, making it even cheaper again :)

Now the one downfall here is that you obviously have to wait for your product to arrive, which when shipping internationally, takes a little longer. However, the closest store to me is over 2 hours away by car so I can't freely get it anyways! If you plan ahead and don't wait until you're completely out of a product, then you can save and still get the same great products!

Has anyone else found a cheaper solution to their faves by ordering internationally with another company?

Happy Saving!
- C

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